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A little examination of two behaviors, which are learned almost universally by all Americans, reveals some shocking information about the effectiveness of some of the teaching techniques that we choose to use to educate our children.

In the last six months we have been conducting a little informal survey as we travel across America, and it has yielded some very interesting and very thought provoking data. We hope that sharing this information with you might stimulate some serious thought about what you choose to teach your children and especially some thought about some of the techniques that we all use in teaching life’s important lessons to the next generation.

By E. Brooks

In recent years, a lot of parents have become interested in buying balance bikes for their kids. They think that this kind of bike is interesting and they are helpful for their kids developmental process in learning how to ride bikes. Yes, balance bikes are getting more and more popular in the market nowadays. And it is expected that there would be more people buying this kind of bike. As a parent if you are interested in having your child learn riding skills at a early age you should learn more about balance bikes.

By Melanie R Thomas

Balance Bikes, often called Running Bikes or Pre Bikes, are very simply bikes with no pedals. Designed for young children, their aim is to give the child an opportunity to learn how to ride without the complications which come with traditional toddlers bikes. They provide a fun and relaxed approach to what can often be a difficult skill to master.

Strider Balance Bike for Little Kids
By Carolyn Whitley

Kids Strider Balance Bike

Teaching children how to ride a traditional bike can be challenging. Young children have difficulty learning so many new skills in one go. They need to learn to peddle, balance, be confident enough to take their feet off the ground and have some co-ordination. Children do learn quickly, they also learn that if they come off they will have scratched knees and some bruises. Previously, parents have had no choice except to purchase a traditional bike for their young child with the addition of training wheels, and gradually take the wheels off as the child has gained sufficient skill and confidence to ride without them. Surely there must be an easier way! Well now there is!